Deck Mounted Heated Bird Bath with Outdoor Cord Connector


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Add a fantastic, year round bird bath to your deck and easily keep it powered with the Deck Mounted Heated Bird Bath with Outdoor Cord Connector. Offering your feathered friends fresh water helps them thrive, and the Allied Precision Deck Mounted Heated Bird Bath will surely meet your needs all year. The generous, 18.5″ diameter basin gently slopes inward, reaching a 2″ depth for songbirds to bathe easily. Its contoured rim makes perching simple, and the textured surface helps birds retain a grip in the bath. Fully tested in sub-zero conditions, this basin will not crack in the winter cold, and the heating element is completely hidden beneath the bowl. This versatile heater uses 150 Watts of thermostatically controlled power, turning on only when the temperature nears freezing to keep the water in the bath free of ice. A lovely, speckled finish within the tan unit evokes stone, and the plastic construction ensures durability. The included, EZ-Tilt deck mount allows this bath to connect to a wooden 2″ x 4″ or 2″ x 6″ deck rail in moments, perfect for use in apartments or condominiums. This innovative bracket also enables you to tilt the bowl upward for cleaning and refilling the unit. To keep the item powered safely, use the included Farm Innovators Watertight Cord Connector around the plug and your extension cord. This keeps the area dry, even in snow, for a safe and lasting electrical connection. Offer fresh, ice free water to birds all year using this Deck Mounted Heated Bird Bath with Outdoor Cord Connector. Made in the USA. One year warranty on bath

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