Wrought Iron Stand, Black, 9.5″ dia.


Gazing Ball Stand

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Create a new display for your favorite potted plant using this Achla Black Wrought Iron Stand. This durable, open frame is perfect for elevating your existing planter, allowing air to fully circulate around your flower. A 9.5″ diameter, wrought iron ring forms the base of this stand, supported by three scrolled feet. The ring can easily accommodate an 8.625″ diameter pot, elevating it 4.75″ off of the ground for fantastic drainage. The black, powder coated finish ensures both beauty and durability, while the inwardly-scrolled legs lend a hint of movement. For even more versatility, place a 10″ to 12″ gazing globe in this stand, or use it to support your existing bird bath. Help your favorite potted plant remain lovely and robust by placing it in this Black Wrought Iron Stand.

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